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Longbottom Leaf is a retail cannabis store located in Brechin, Ontario.
We believe in quality products and providing a socially responsible retail cannabis store to customers far and wide. We also want to educate our customers with solid information on the recreational and informative side of cannabis and help you understand our different terpenes, potencies, and strains.

We have worked in retail, education and hospitality for many years as well as gaining extensive knowledge about the cannabis industry. We aim to educate, utilize regulated products, and give our customers a safe place to purchase quality recreational cannabis.

We are a local cannabis store in Brechin, Ontario, the gateway to cottage country, and a place to unwind and relax.

Family-owned and community-focused

Longbottom is owned and operated by the Kiriakou family. Our legacy includes three generations of business owners and over 50 years of retail and education experience. Originally from the Kawartha area, our family has owned multiple reputable businesses in the Kawarthas since 1976. We hope to establish a community-focused business here in Brechin.

Making a mark in our community is important to us through responsible sales, featuring and promoting local businesses, and being active in the chamber of commerce and support of members of the Canadian Legion.

We want our customers to have access to regulated and responsibly marketed cannabis, which is essential for consumers’ well-being and the growth of the industry.

We love our local community and serving customers from both far and wide. If you want to know more about our team members, come in and have a chat. We love to chat.

‘I strongly believe that educating and involving consumers on safe, regulated cannabis products makes happy customers and a healthier community.’
Tom Kiriakou

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Anytime Use

Blends mix Indica and Sativa together to create a concentrate that gives the effects of both to create more tailored experiences.


Effects are dependent on the mixture used.

Mind-body balance
Mood booster
Increased Energy
Sleep Aid
Anytime Use

Combines the effects of both Sativa and Indica. It tends to relax you and give you mind-body balance. Hybrids are specifically grown plants that use both Indica and Sativa genetics. 


Effects are dependent on the dominant strain of cannabis used. 

Mind-body balance
Mood booster
Increased Energy
Sleep Aid
Nighttime Use

Gives user a “Body high”


Body high
Appetite Stimulator
Sleep Aid
Pain Relief
Daytime Use

Gives user a “Head high”


Head high
Mood booster
Increased Energy

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